Most Searched Cannabis Strains in Canada

Here are some of the most searched varieties – by variety on Google, and where to find them in Online Dispensary in Canada, as well as a look at where they are most common in the US and Canada. We will look at the most popular varieties used in each Canadian province and territory.

Pineapple Express

While many cannabis strains have clear origins, the creator of Pineapple Express remains mysterious. OrganiGram, Canada’s first licensed medical cannabis manufacturer to sell a limited edition since June 2018, is running a PineApple Express edition until June 2018. In an interview, the company’s co-founder and chief executive, Andrew Rogen, said the Pineapple Express variety doesn’t feature in the film, but was created as a tribute.

Purple Kush

The creator of Kush Madness, Purple Kush, was driving on the west coast of OG Kush and has been on the run ever since. With its long-lasting appeal, Purple Kush has proven to be one of the most popular cannabis varieties in Canada.

A 40-year-old who hasn’t played Nirvana will still want Purple Kush, but as Lindsay OG says: “It’s more trendy than a kiss.”

This variety has a beautiful dark purple hue, which, when grown properly, ensures optimal bag appeal and ensures a high quality cannabis product for your bag.

Blue Dream

It is hard to believe that Blue Dream has become a very commercial strain, especially in the Californian cannabis scene, but its ganja size has helped it become more popular than its parents. The original blueberry stands out because it has become the most popular cannabis variety in North America and it seems to have disappeared.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is found all over Amsterdam, the berries smell and taste similar and there is an uplifting effect that goes with it. It is the perfect blend of sweet and sour, with a sweet, sour and bitter taste that highlights it.

Durban Poison

There is a cut of OG Kush from South Florida, which is from Laytonville, Florida, genetically it is said to be Kush ChemDawg or Lemon Thai, but the only variant could be Durban poison crossed with San Fernando Valley, which is SFV Kush. There is no doubt that GSC is slowly coming out, and there are reports that it comes from a pack of seeds that has a trendy following. The OG or Kush clone, which originates from Lake Tahoe, is called “Tahoe-Kush” and is a clone of the original plant of the same name by Andrew Lindsay, which has emerged from a seed pack.

It is more likely that it originates from the West Coast Bay, which borders the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean to the east and west.

Sour Diesel

Connoisseurs and stonemasons may remember the original as East Coast Sour Diesel, which came on the market in ’91 or ‘92 along with other types of diesel and quickly tasted a variety of NYC Diesel and Chemdawg.

White Widow

White Widow dominated the market for a while with its uplifting, calming effect and high-tech, high energy. Shantibaba should be rightly compared to the founding of White Widow in ’94, and it seems that every breeder offers their own version. Shantibaba worked with Arjan at Green House Seed Co. when he bred most of the prizes and won a variety of awards, but the two had a dropout, though Green House Seed & Co continued to release White Widows until he opened Mr. Nice Seeds and dismissed himself as Black Widow.

Green Crack

Will this variety actually be called “green crack” after legalization, or will state regulators insist on renaming it? It should be remembered that “Cush Green Crystal” is a name used to avoid offending the sensibilities of stonemasons. Consumers report that the Green Crack rocket ship will launch to the International Space Station, but when you board it, it’s still green.

Master Kush

The Hearthstone is a Sativa that does not exist, a botanical term that most people do not know. This earthy strain does not have the same psychoactive properties as its more popular cousin, but it is not for the faint-hearted – heartless Indica enthusiast. Those of us who have dug up the Master Kush (without the goat purée that comes with hashish in some regions) often say that we love it, too.

Cannatonic strains

Cannatonic is probably one of the most sought after strains in Canada – by variety – and it is made from the same plant as some of Canada’s most popular strains, such as the Star Wars themed strain. The sum of all these factors means that it has been searched so often that people who never considered using cannabis have heard of it. Before the Cann-Atonikum debate, most cannabis users had no idea what CBD was, but now everyone talks about it, including grandma.

Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG is what people are looking for most online, so there’s a whole new Star Wars strain of cannabis on the market. This predominantly Indian strain contains just enough CBD to stop you sleeping, but not enough to cause serious side effects such as headaches, nausea or nausea. The Jedis claim to be in a zone of harmony with their surroundings, and Skywalker is genetically the product of two grandparents, Mazar and Blueberry.

Jack Herer

For people looking for Jack Herer, Tribe has information about this incredibly dedicated lawyer. Google searches are strong for ganja lawyers and authors, but less so for lawyers. Jack Herer is very good – suitable for social attitudes, teeing off on tasks and dancing in the chill corner. His uplifting and bizarre satire has been wowing fans since the mid-1990s, consumers say.

Of course these are not all the cannabis strains… There are hundreds different strains, sativa, indica and hybrid. Picking the right strains does not only depend of the name, a lot of parameters can influence how good and powerful a weed can be. The grading system (grade A, AA, AAA, AAAA, AAAAA) is a useful way to get potent weed, check out this article to understand better. You can also try mix and match deals to try more than one strain at a time, and of course, don’t forget to use coupons to save money!



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