Beginner’s Guide To Marijuana Strains

Cannabis use in the United States and Canada is on the rise, according to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). A 2018 study found that while cannabis use among adolescents is declining, American adults are still using more cannabis than ever before. According to Forbes, the global cannabis industry is estimated to be worth 7.7 billion dollars and is expected to grow to 31.4 billion dollars by 2021.

The industry is booming because cannabis can be a versatile form of medication and a number of research studies have shown that cannabis has the potential to help with a variety of diseases, including anxiety, chronic pain and epilepsy. As any recreational or medical marijuana user can tell you, not all cannabis is the same. Different cannabis strains produce different effects and can therefore be used for different reasons.

Check out our guide to marijuana varieties below and see what it is, if you want to try it out or if you’re not sure which strains best suit your needs, Best Weed Deals covered them all. If you read a little about marijuana, you will see the words Indica, Sativa and Hybrid when you browse around. Generally, most people classify marijuana into three categories: Indica, Sativa and Hybrid.

However, many industry experts are rethinking the Indica, Sativa and Hybrid categories. The Indicas, who come from the Indian Hindu Kush, are said to have a relaxing effect on the user. Sativa has a stimulating effect, while hybrids are a combination of both.

We see our partner laboratories testing cannabis products, and when we look at the data, especially the chemical composition of the flower, we can identify identifiable traits that match Indica, Sativa and Hybrid.

What you should know

Indica is intended for people who are wired and not confined on a couch, or for people with mental health problems such as schizophrenia. People should not be alarmed if a supposedly energizing strain of Sativa has a milder effect, while an Indica strain will foam and excite you. Strains are essentially different types of cannabis, and they are grown to have a specific effect on the user. In addition to the “Indica,” “Sativa” and “Hybrid” varieties, online dispensaries can divide the cannabis varieties they have into different grade: A, AA, AAA, AAAA and AAAA.

The terms Indica, Sativa and Hybrid are all essentially useless categorizations and the stem names are meaningless, as each strain is essentially a different type of cannabis. Elberg explains that manufacturers essentially decide to create stem names as trademarks and identify their products with existing names because they believe the product meets the characteristics that the market expects of the name under which it is sold.

It notes that products sold by different suppliers are generally more consistent than those with less common names. However, a greater variety of different products are sold under the most common variety names, and if you buy your product from a quality source, the variety should be more or less uniform. Elberg adds that the consistency and potency is only as good as the quality of the product sold with certain varieties under this name.

As already mentioned, cannabis has a number of medical uses, and some strains are better for certain diseases than others. However, you must bear in mind that each person reacts differently to cannabis, so the variety you choose depends on the desired effects. There are also potential negative effects of each strain that still need to be studied.

Many of the more common effects found are dry mouth, dry eyes and dizziness as possible side effects. Marijuana also has the potential to interact with all the medications you take, so do not operate machines while using marijuana. If you want to try cannabis and help treat an illness or take medication, talk to your doctor first.

Famous Weed Strains

Blue Dream is known for its euphoria – inducing and stimulating effects and is said to reduce fatigue, stress, pain and even nausea. Blue Dream is not a total sedative, but has a relaxing and calming effect. This makes it perfect for relieving pain, cramps and inflammation when you can’t afford to fall asleep. It is also said to lift the mood and spread euphoria that Purple Kush is famous for its ability to create a state of bliss that makes you feel relaxed, happy and sleepy.

Another mood is Acid Diesel – a whitening plant with a high THC content that provides an outburst of productive energy. Due to its calming effect, it can be used to reduce insomnia and is often used to relieve pain and muscle spasms. It also has a remarkable destabilizing and pain-relieving effect and is perfect for combating insomnia or something like closing your eyes. Bubba Kush is relaxed, sleeping – exhausting and perfect to help you sleep and relieve pain.

Grandpa Purple is a highly relaxing strain that also has a calming effect due to its high concentration of THC and CBD.
It is often praised for reducing insomnia and stress and relieving pain. It can also help to increase hunger if you have loss of appetite, and some users have also noticed that it can increase euphoria and hunger, which is great when you feel the loss of appetite. It is also said to relieve pain and is therefore a popular remedy for people with chronic pain.

LA Confidential is often used to calm insomnia and is a relaxing and sleep-promoting factor, but can also trigger stress, especially when mixed with alcohol or other drugs.

Maui Wowie can help you feel super relaxed, energetic and creative, and it can also reduce fatigue, making it a great choice for those days when you need to be productive.

Golden Goat is known for making users euphoric and creative, and it is also ideal for reducing fatigue and stress while lifting the mood. It is said to help reduce pain and stress as well as depression and can be used to relieve insomnia, pain, stress and depression.

Northern Lights is a restful sleep that does not cause any effort, but is also known for its mood – brightening effects. White Widow relaxes you immediately, gives you energy, improves your mood and relieves fatigue.

When you feel tired, it can help you stay alert, and its high THC and CBD levels (the active ingredient in marijuana) make it excellent for stress relief. This invigorating strain of Super Silver Haze is said to create euphoria and relieve pain and nausea, as well as relieve anxiety and depression.

In the famous 2008 film of the same name, Pineapple Express behaves like a pineapple – like a scent, but it is actually a cannabis strain with a high THC content. It has a relaxing and mood-lightening effect and often makes you giggle and helps to reduce nausea. It is also said to give an energetic impulse, and it is the kind of strain that could greatly benefit your productivity.

The fruity pebbles of OG FPOG are associated with induction of euphoria and relaxation, which may make them a good choice for a high THC cannabis strain.

Want to be independent and Cultivate your own weed?

If you want to cultivate your own weed, make sure you have completed your research before deciding to grow any type of cannabis. Marijuana is now legal and if you are willing to try and even grow different types of cannabis, there are a number of products that can make your life a little easier.

There are also a number way you can consume marijuana. Some people prefer to inhale cannabis through a vaporizer, some from a joint or from a bang.

Cannabis butter (cannabis-inhaled butter) is the basis for many edible foods, but unfortunately the production of cannabis butter can be a lengthy and labor-intensive process. An evaporator can be used either to dry the herb, liquid or concentrate, or you can buy it here. A butter set makes it easy to pour the herbs into the butter and it settles down quickly, making it easier to pour the herb into the butter. They have their own heater and thermostat to ensure that the product (butter) has the ideal temperature during the process.



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