Why and where to buy weed online in Canada

Wondering why you should start buying your weed from an online dispensary in Canada? You can get fast delivery, reliable products, and cheap prices at your fingertips. Relax at home and have your cannabis products delivered straight to your doorstep! This is how quick and convenient it is to buy weed online in Canada. We have combed through our online dispensaries to ease your worries about finding discreet companies with reliable and high quality products. These are guaranteed the best online dispensaries out there. Even better yet, these online dispensaries also known as mail order marijuana companies have a wide selection of affordable products. Along with cheaper prices, these online dispensaries also offer rewards, deals and coupons to save you even more money.

Transparency and honesty with our subscribers is how we build our loyal relationships. We honour these relationships by ensuring that our listed dispensaries all meet our minimum requirements. They are selected based on their prices, products, customer service, delivery, and most importantly their deals and coupons available for you! How do we make our selection? We look for the best online dispensaries that offer the cheapest prices for high quality products. Even better, we look for an assortment of high quality products because we know our customers like different strains, edibles, and a variety of cannabis products. Along with the best prices and a wide selection of products, we want to give you the best value for your purchase with weekly updated deals and coupons from our dispensaries. We also ensure that your purchase arrives quickly and the delivery is reliable. Our online dispensaries all have the best customer service reputation to satisfy all our customers, and to give you the best weed deals out there!


BuyMyWeedOnline or BMWO for short has over 50 years of experience in the cannabis industry; that is 50 years of building the best selection, best quality products, and most affordable cannabis products, edibles, and premium strains on the market. Why do you think BMWO is one of the most trusted, reliable, and experienced online dispensaries in Canada? As pioneers in the industry and one of the oldest mail order marijuana companies, BMWO can offer you the best deals out there at the cheapest prices in a quick, reliable, and secure manner. At BMWO, they believe that every Canadian should have easy access to marijuana and all of its derivative products, which is why their customer service is outstanding. With such a large selection, you’ll want to try a bit of everything! If you need some help, their live chat is available to quickly assist you with your purchase. Buy your weed online now with the best coupons from BuyMyWeedOnline.

BMWO Coupon codes

New Customers Take Up To $25 Off With Code New Customers Take Up To $25 Off With Code
New Customers Take Up To $25 Off With Code
Enjoy Up to $25 with this BuyMyWeedOnline Coupon Code!
BuyMyWeedOnline 10% Discount Off $345 Plus Free Shipping
Use this BuyMyWeedOnline coupon code at checkout for 10% off your entire order plus free shipping.
$10 Off Everything $10 Off Everything
$10 Off Everything
$10 Cash Voucher for your purchase!


Bringing you a large variety of high quality products, SpeedGreens is an experienced online dispensary in Canada, and known for their loyal Mail Order Marijuana services. Their reputation for good coupons paired with excellent customer service has made them one of Canada’s premier online cannabis dispensaries. SpeedGreens has something for everyone. Their large variety includes products ranging from Grade A to Grade AAA, cannabis flowers, concentrates, and edibles. If you’re not sure what to get this time around, come back and try them out another time. SpeedGreens coupons are some of the best deals around, and their team wants to give you a good time at a lower dime.

SpeedGreens Coupon Codes

15% Off Sitewide 15% Off Sitewide
15% Off Sitewide
Enjoy 15% off your order with this speedgreens coupon code
If you already bought your greens at SpeedGreens this coupon is the perfect fit! Don't pay full price and get 10% off your second order!
$25 Off On Orders Over $200 $25 Off On Orders Over $200
$25 Off On Orders Over $200
Get this exclusive Discount for every order over $200!


Since the beginning, Cannawholesalers has been a part of establishing Canada’s cannabis market. As experienced wholesalers, time after time, they have grown to become one of the cheapest online dispensaries with competitive wholesale prices! With the best quality products available in Canada, Cannawholesalers also has a wide variety of strains, concentrates and edibles available. Even better yet, the prices don’t get much cheaper than with Cannawholesalers, and they will match prices for the same strain and quality of weed from any reputable online store in Canada. Their customer service is also unbeatable. From a seamless website that makes it extremely easy for customers to browse their online shop to delivery within two days, choose the best products and score awesome promotions by connecting with the employees at Cannawholesalers.

Cannawholesalers coupon codes

No coupons found.


Value prices and a large selection of products and strains to choose from, GetKush is one of Canada’s most trustworthy and reliable wholesale dispensaries. As one of the cheapest cannabis wholesalers in Canada, it is no secret GetKush has high quality cannabis and a wide selection of products to satisfy a range of consumers. A highly knowledgeable and experienced family-owned business, GetKush’s excellent customer service rivals their competitors. Timely, attentive, and up-beat customer service is how GetKush puts their customers first, and stays on top in the industry.

GetKush Coupon codes

$25 Off On Orders Over $175 $25 Off On Orders Over $175
$25 Off On Orders Over $175
Use this coupon to get $25 Off On Orders Over $175 with Getkush!
5% Off Storewide 5% Off Storewide
5% Off Storewide
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10% Off Storewide 10% Off Storewide
10% Off Storewide
Use this coupon code to get 10% Off the whole GetKush store!


Looking for the best online dispensary coupon codes in Canada, you need HauteHealth. Established only a couple of years ago, HauteHealth has become one of the most popular online dispensaries, and is a well-known Mail-Order Marijuana company in Canada. Their close relationships with creative talents, experienced growers, online retailers, and budtenders has built HauteHealth a strong foundation to promote quality marijuana products at an affordable price. With the best prices and the best coupon codes, buying weed online has never been easier. Take advantage of free express shipping on orders over $200, and choose from a wide variety of coupons with HauteHealth. 

HauteHealth Coupon Codes

HauteHealth 38% Off - One time use
One time only! Use this Haute Health coupon code for an insane 38% off your dispensary order.
HauteHealth 20% Off
Save 20% on your entire order with a Haute Health coupon code.
HauteHealth 30% Off
30% off with this Haute Health coupon code. Never pay full Price again.


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