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BuyMyWeedOnline [BMWO] – Online Dispensary Overview

BuyMyWeedOnline is one of the pioneer online dispensaries in Canada with over 50 years in the industry in Vancouver, BC, and one of the oldest mail order marijuana. The company was founded with the belief that every Canadian should have easy access to marijuana and all of its derivative products. BMWO’s team has been at the forefront of the legalization movement, first in British Columbia, then in Canada.

BMWO is committed to deliver the best quality cannabis at the best price. Their products range from premium marijuana strains to a wide range of concentrate products, and of course, some of the best edibles on the market as well. BuyMyWeedOnline prides itself on having high-quality products at the lowest prices, and has a policy that guarantees it. You can often find BMWO coupon codes available in the market to help you get an even better deal (this is most likely why you are here ;)). Delivery is fast and reliable, arriving in about 3 days. BMWO is a trustworthy, reliable, and experienced online dispensary in Canada with a wide variety of cannabis strains, concentrates, and other cannabis related products. 

Moreover, BuyMyWeedOnline uses a secure website (, which means your information is protected. Their website is user friendly making the shopping experience smooth and easy to navigate. If you ever have any issues shopping on their website, you can use their live chat located at the bottom right of their website or contact their fast and reliable customer service.

BuyMyWeedOnline Coupon Codes or BMWO Coupon Codes and Deals

As most online dispensaries, BMWO offers free shipping on all orders over $150 and freebies if you buy more than $200. Freebies may include a free gram of weed or pre-rolled joints.

BMWO Coupon Codes

*** Verified 24th May 2024 ***

New Customers Take Up To $25 Off With Code New Customers Take Up To $25 Off With Code
New Customers Take Up To $25 Off With Code
Enjoy Up to $25 with this BuyMyWeedOnline Coupon Code!
BuyMyWeedOnline 10% Discount Off $345 Plus Free Shipping
Use this BuyMyWeedOnline coupon code at checkout for 10% off your entire order plus free shipping.
$10 Off Everything $10 Off Everything
$10 Off Everything
$10 Cash Voucher for your purchase!
Use this Buy My Weed Online coupon code at checkout for 10% off your entire order.

How to use BuyMyWeedOnline Coupon codes

  1. Select your favourite BuyMyWeedOnline cannabis products plus add a few products to try! 
  2. Go to Best Weed Deals to find BuyMyWeedOnline coupon codes or promotions. 
  3. Click on the coupon code you would like to use and copy it. The page will redirect to your cart on BMWO. 
  4. Paste the BuyMyWeedOnline coupon code in the designated area. 
  5. Check that the coupon code has been applied to your order.
  6. Checkout! Don’t forget to always click on the BMWO coupon code on Best Weed Deals, so we can continue to offer you the best deals online! Subscribe to our newsletter to get up to date information first hand! 

Save on your purchase by following our simple 6 step process to add the latest BMWO coupon codes to your cart! 

Cheap Weed at BuyMyWeedOnline

BuyMyWeedOnline is one of the cheapest cannabis dispensaries in Canada, the more you buy, the cheaper your purchase, and the quality stays astonishingly good! You can mix and match between the different strains on the entire store and get discounts. 

You will find over 40 different cannabis strains, 70 concentrates, over 40 edibles, and positive reviews for many of their products. More notably, you will find some of the cheapest prices online. Furthermore, you can also find lots of awesome BMWO coupon codes to help you get the cheapest prices. Check out the next part! 

BuyMyWeedOnline Rewards

Not only does BMWO reward you with free samples, you can also earn reward points, which convert into dollars that you can use on your purchase. Every dollar spent will earn you 10 points. If you spend $10, you’ll get 100 points, and you can redeem your saved points on your order. Every 250 points can be redeemed for $1 and there is no limit to how many points you can earn and use.

How to gain extra points?

  • Sign up to the website, you will receive 2000 points!
  • Write a product review and you can get 250 points for each review you write!
  • Every dollar spent on the website will get you points: $1 = 10 points — $10 = 100 points etc… More info can be found here.
  • Enter the recipe contest and win up to 4200 points! Your recipe needs to be unique and well explained. If you have a knack for cooking, you might as well try! Check it out here

When checking out, you will be given an option to use up the total value of points to save you some cash! Point discounts will not stack with any other coupons.

Give BuyMyWeedOnline a Review and get a bonus

To help them further, you can write any of the following keywords in the review in order to boost their rankings and help them get better results: Buy Weed Online, Online Dispensary Canada, Mail Order Marijuana, Buy Cannabis, Weed Delivery. If you are active on social media and 420 online communities in Canada, BMWO can reward you with more discounts if you submit reviews: 

Weekend Flash Sales with BMWO Special Coupon Code

NEWS FLASH! Make sure to check it out and keep updated on what’s on sale for the weekend, items will change every FRIDAY.

Voilà, that’s about it for our BMWO reviews and our BMWO coupon codes and deals! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you can get high safely while enjoying the cheapest prices with us!

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