Cannabis Grading System, from Grade A to AAAA (and even AAAAA…)

Whether you are a long-term user or a newbie in the cannabis industry, you will quickly learn to judge one thing. That is the quality of your weeds. Because of the demand in the current market, partly due to the legalization of cannabis in Canada, it is not surprising to know that this means that the number of inferior batches has increased there. So, what marks quality and how do we distinguish the quality of cannabis at each grade? – This is where the quality of many weed classification systems comes into play.

We will try our best to explain each level in detail so that next time you choose from a range of strains, you will have a better understanding of their quality level. Before entering the level, another thing to point out is that each strain of cannabis may appear at a different level, depending only on how a particular batch is grown. Therefore, the grading system is not a reflection of the strain itself, but only a reflection of the grower and quality of that particular batch.

The Different Levels and Grading You Can Expect to See

When it comes to the cannabis industry, you may find a variety of different grading systems, depending on who the seller is. Although this may be very subjective, it is a normal finding. Others have also mentioned a “Good Better Best” system for grading cannabis.

In Canada, the planning and reliability of the cannabis grading system is better. Although there is still no completely objective central system, the A-AAAA grading system is the most widely used and most respected central system among experienced cannabis experts.

As you might expect, through different levels of A-AAAA, the quality may vary greatly. Remember, a single A is the lowest, and four A is the highest score. Here, we will go through each grading level and try our best to provide you with a good idea about the expectations of weed quality. It should also be noted that the top quality of the most common weeds you may have sampled is usually classified as AAA. This is not to say that AAAA is an unachievable benchmark, but relatively few encounters.

Cannabis Grading System Guide – AAAA

This AAAA cannabis grade is usually the best of the best cannabis. If you shop around, you will find a lot of pressure at this high level. This is the stage where everything adapts to pressure. This means that the smell, appearance and taste of cannabis should reach a near-perfect level in order to obtain the Quad A grade. Here, whether it is Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, or the scoring system, all are evaluating quality.

How does this situation look like? Well, in terms of smell, it should be pungent and pleasant. When it comes to aromas, there should be no unexpected smells. When considering the appearance of high-quality strains, the structure of the buds and the presence of a large number of trichomes are important. These trichomes are the small, hair-like features you will see. The bud itself should be dense and in good shape, with a hint of orange or purple, everything looks neat and well packed.

Poor trimming or unhealthy coloring ultimately means that the content is not high. When it drops to the taste, it can add aroma without a pungent aftertaste, which is the lowest content that can be expected from the highest grade cannabis. When it comes to our strains, Blue Coma and Black Cherry Punch are two prominent AAAA strains.

AAA Grade

As mentioned earlier, AAA grade cannabis is probably the most common cannabis you will see when buying. This level will be what most people consider to be the standard level. It can still be of very good quality, and you can always rely on a variety of AAA options so that it can be used in any respected location almost at any time.

In order to be considered AAA quality, it still needs to provide many of the same qualities as the highest level. As far as the bud itself is concerned, there is some less dense space, and more discoloration can be expected, although not enough to contain too much brown or tan.

When determining the grade, the level of THC in a particular strain is not important. The main elements to be identified are appearance, smell and taste. At higher levels, performance will also be easier to obtain. Since AAA is still at a very high level, you can expect it to provide almost maximum performance and believe that you will feel the full effect of the THC contained in it. If you ask those experienced users, you will also find that they rarely consider buying products below this level. Best Weed Deals’ partners are proud to provide top-grade cannabis flowers for you to enjoy. Death Bubba and Platinum Blackberry are currently two very popular choices at this level.

AA Grade

If your budget is limited, you may find yourself taking the risk of low quality. AA level is usually regarded as a very budget option. As the saying goes: “value for money” works here. Although you may stumble upon a good choice that is rare in this category, it should never be the case.

The quality of the strain is likely to be on the worse side, with a lot of brown or other discolored appearance. The smell may also be far from the smell that can be obtained with only one level up. Generally, the lower the grade quality, the deeper the ash content.

Buying any product below AAA level will definitely save you money in the short term, but at the same time it will sacrifice quality, which may be difficult for some people, especially those who are used to users, which usually means they Experienced a higher level in AAA. past. You can also expect that some noteworthy effects at this level will not be as strong or unpredictable.

A Grade

At this level, you are actually eradicating weeds. Many people would suggest that you should not use this level of product, because it may make your real experience of high-quality weeds impractical. Grade A hemp is actually only a very low-quality weed product. In many cases, suppliers will use flowers to extract flowers, and then sell the corpses to customers for additional profit. This means that the flower will first be blasted by butane for breaking, and then the bud is sold because it looks okay. If you resort to this quality level, we also recommend other options. Maybe you can reduce your purchase to increase the level of quality you can afford. In any case, even strains that appear to be valuable at this level cannot represent the quality you expect to find at other higher levels.

Can You Notice the Difference in Grade Levels and Does it Matter?

As we have already introduced, in some regions, there are big differences between the grades of cannabis. These are mainly taste, smell and appearance. As an experienced user, you can be sure that when you see these different grades of products, you will notice the difference. These may be subtle between AAAA and AAA, but venturing into the lower two tiers, you will definitely see a big gap in quality.

If you are an inexperienced user, you may not be able to directly point out why there is a difference, but you will definitely notice it.

The question of whether it is important really depends on you. As experienced users, we will of course say that this is important. Like many products, you want the best quality and buying experience. If you want to experience the full quality and effects described, then AAAAA to AAA grade cannabis are indeed your only choice.

Final Thoughts

With it, you may never have in-depth thinking or understanding in the cannabis grading system, explaining it in simple and convenient terms. This system is not the only one. Like all systems, it is inherently subjective, but it is still a good starting point. This is a benchmark that you can buy in the future, allowing you to have a certain degree of confidence in the product and its quality.

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