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Afghan Kush




Alien Kush


Black Diamond


Black Widow


Blue Haze


Bubba Kush


Buddha Haze




Chemdog 4


Cookies Kush


Death Bubba


Death Tuna


El Chapo


Fruit Loops




Gelato (AAA)




Ice Wreck


Jack Haze




JetFuel OG




Lemon Cake


Lemon Sativa


Lemon Skunk


Master Bubba


Master Kush


Maui Wowie




Nuken (AAA)


Nuken (AAA)


OG #18


OG Kush


Phantom OG


Pink Death


Pink Kush


Pure Kush


Purple Haze


Purple Kush


Purple Kush


Purple OG Kush


Quantum Kush




Redwood Kush






Sour Bubba


Space Queen


Stoney OG


Super Skunk


Sweet Kush




Tuna Kush


White Zombie


What is Marijuana?

Hemp and Marijuana belong to the same species but are different. Hemp is part of the sativa strains of cannabis and it’s believed it was first cultivated about 10,000 years ago. Hemp is used for industrial purposes as it is one of the fastest growing plants and has been used for its fiber for centuries. The main difference is that Sativa strains have flowers with psychoactive properties. It’s not possible to get high using Hemp as it doesn’t contain enough THC.

It’s vital to understand what cannabis is and why it was misunderstood and illegal for many years. Marijuana, cannabis, weed, pot, ganja, dry herbs… It has been known under many names and it has been considered as a drug for many years. It was known as the gateway drug and commercials ran throughout the USA advising against its use. This misleading spear campaign and unfortunate events related to cannabis have created a misconception of cannabis and neglects its many healing properties.

Ways to consume Cannabis

Studies have shown that smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol may be more dangerous than smoking marijuana. After many years, several ways of consuming cannabis have been discovered such as eating, vaping or even drinking cannabis components. Eating weed edibles results in a different reaction and high effect than smoking or vaping marijuana.

Cannabis can also be consumed and transformed into honey oil or hash oil. Hash oils are very popular as they can be used to make edibles as it is highly concentrated in either THC or CBD. The most potent way of consuming marijuana is with cannabis oil as it usually contains on average 85% of THC. It can also be consumed with a dab (small amount of hash oil) using a glass water pipe, also known as a dab rig. Cannabis vape oil is a healthier option when consuming cannabis compared to traditional smoking weed. Vaping THC oil will also give you more sessions to get high compared to smoking weed.

History Of Cannabis

Cannabis cultivation dates back to ancient cultures. It was first used for its fiber to create rope and other textile products like clothing. The medical use of marijuana began in the late 1800’s, cannabis extract was prescribed by doctors and purchased in pharmacies to relieve stomach pain. It’s also important to mention that in 1972 there was a report from the Shafer Commission explaining the federal government's misunderstanding of this herb and suggesting reducing penalties for being caught with small amounts of cannabis. The federal governments ignored these reports' findings and proceeded with criminalizing marijuana with prohibition.

However, Cannabis, or Marijuana as they used to call it, has now been legalized in several countries and more recently, here in Canada. Many scientists over the years have proved the therapeutic properties or the different cannabis strains, well at least for Indica and Sativa strains. However, many people and countries still refuse to admit their therapeutic properties even though doctors from around the world have found chemical compounds within cannabis that can be turned into highly effective medicines. The legalization of cannabis in the world started a few years ago, and its momentum hasn’t slowed down. Government and political-wise, it remains a smart way of getting taxes on a legal product instead of losing billions to the black market. Medical cannabis has a cheaper tax compared to the recreational tax.

Cannabis legalization will also help prevent any more injuries from people getting harm from synthetic cannabis. The stigma of cannabis is progressively being removed because more people are becoming aware of its medical properties. It's now safer and more controlled for people to buy cannabis. You’ll also find some competitions related to cannabis such as the Cannabis Cup.

What Is The Cannabis Cup?

The cannabis cup is a competition among different cannabis strains hosted by Hightimes typically in California, Amsterdam or Spain. The best cannabis strains compete and are judged by multiple cannabis connoisseur judges. This is a great place to discover new types, new strains and to know more about marijuana products. Leaders, amateurs and anybody from the cannabis industry compete against each other. Canadian cannabis dispensaries are notorious for being one of the highest quality grown in the world.

Things to know about Cannabis

It is possible to overdose with cannabis, however, the results will not be serious. Either it will send them to sleep or they will turn a little green and probably get sick and throw up. Those who never smoke cannabis and considering doing so for the first time should only take one or two puffs at most. Those who smoke too much and are not used to marijuana can experience anxiety and can even lead to an anxiety attack.