Are you looking for a more concentrated, potent form of cannabis? Shatter is one of the best and strongest options to consume marijuana. Shatter is an extract of cannabinoids which includes THC and CBD, which produce this extra potent weed concentrate. If you are looking to buy Shatter Concentrate in Canada, don’t look further! Here, at Best Weed Deals, we’ve gathered the best deals across online dispensaries in Canada.

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Shatter weed concentrate, what is it?

Shatter is a concentrate of cannabis, also known as “dab”, which is produced from Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol cannabinoids, directly extracted from the marijuana trees. This creation process consists of heating the cannabis plant which allows them to extract an oil which is then transformed into this glass substance, or shatter concentrate. This concentrate form of Cannabis is usually the more potent form of consuming weed and it can contain up to 90% cannabinoid. Some produce may be focusing on CBD or THC independently. THC focused shatters are ideal for those seeking an intense high. CBD focused shatters are more known for its ability to reduce pain and treat medical conditions.

How do you consume Shatter Concentrate?

As with any weed related products, there are many different ways to consume Shatter. For an amateur, crumbling the shatter on top of some weed in a joint or in a pipe bowl is a good way to feel the effects. It will allow you to judge your limits and what amount is good for you. For advanced users, an oil rig or vaping shatter. Using an oil rig, it will allow you to heat the shatter and then dab the amount you’d like to smoke. Vaping pens are designed for oil or wax concentrates and it will give you a full flavour experience without any combustion risks. It can be considered as the ideal way to consume concentrates. You can check our vaping options if you are interested in vaping!

Buy Shatter Online in Canada

The way shatter is produced requires additional filtration to remove waxes and fats, which makes it one of the purest forms of cannabis extracts, and the more potent form as well. Shatter will have a more intense effect than consuming marijuana in its traditional form. For you, we gathered the best shatter product across online dispensaries in Canada! Do not hesitate to browse our lists and to give us any feedback. Have fun and get high safely!